When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant

– Dan Schawbel –

Make a compelling first impression!

Design has the power to transform your business into
a brand.

We will help you to DEVELOP engaging, UNIQUE, AND COMPELLING CREATIVE Brand Assets.

YOUR BRAND is the experience people have when they come in contact with you or your business. It differentiates your organisation from your competitors so that you are the first business in your customer’s mind, and it establishes customer loyalty and trust in your product and service.

You may be wondering “What’s the difference between a Logo and a brand?”

Your brand is not just a logo. Your logo is an essential branding element, often including your name, a symbol, specific colours as well as a trademark, and is the pinnacle of your entire brand’s identity.

Branding encompasses every aspect of your business, inclusive of the visual design (Logos, brochures, website etc), as well as direct and indirect interactions with your customers through your product or service online, offline, or in person. 


First Impressions last!
The primary role of your logo is to identify who you are.

We help make you stand out from the crowd by developing logo’s for you, your products, businesses or services, making you not only look exceptional but communicates and encapsulates your unique brand’s message. Transforming your business vision, mission and goals into something tangible and recognisable. 


Does your branding and logo no longer represents you and/or your business properly?

Many factors influence your decision to rebrand. These may include a change in your products and/or services, your market may have evolved, or you may wish to position your brand into a different price range. Simply put – you need to strengthen your brand appeal, and emerge from your competition.

We can help you by refreshing your logo with a few tweaks, or by overhauling your entire brand. Ensuring you always have a strong and cohesive brand identity.


All touch-points in your brand make up your Brand’s Identity. Depending on your size or type of business, this may mean different things to different people.

We help you by making it easy to transition into your new brand, offering a variety of tailor-made roll-out packages to strengthen your brand identity. These include, but are not limited to, Stationery Design (Business Cards, Letterheads, Folders, ect), Social Media Templates and Marketing essentials (Brochures, Flyers, Price-lists, Capabilities Statements, E-mail Marketing or Presentation templates).

STYLE GUIDE (Brand Identity Manual)

Increase your brand’s recognition and recall, positively influence sales, and increase your brand value by consistently presenting your brand and design elements. 
Achieving this is simple when using a Style Guide or Brand Identity manual. Designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, a guide’s core components and the purpose of creating one, are the same for every organisation – it explains how your brand should be used. Depending on your business needs, you may require a Style Guide that identifies your branding style elements (Logo, fonts, colours and images etc), or a full Brand Design Manual which includes a variety of branded communications (from business cards and adverts to packaging and signage, etc)

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